Thursday, January 30, 2014

"YOU" ~ The special one that Allah gives to me

Allah puts people in your life for a reason and removes them from your life for a better reason

Yap..absolutely right.. Allah always know the best 
and I believe that..

It's you..
You're the reason behind His plan..

No more "promise"..
One day..I can take your words in front Allah...

"Aku nggak mau janji ke kamu, tapi kamu tunggu dan lihat, aku bakal buktiin ke kamu"

You give me those words..
Yes, I do...I'm waiting here..till you can show me the proof..

"Temani aku meski sekarang aku bukan apa-apa.."

Yes, I do...I'm here with you..

"Allah selalu punya cara untuk pertemukan kita"

Yes, you're right..Allah is the best of planners..

"Kita berusaha, dan sisanya kita serahkan sama Dia. Dia tahu yang terbaik untuk hamba-Nya"

Yes .. Yes .. Yes!
I'll give my best for us, for our family...for our future..

In sya' Allah .. He always guide us.. We're only do our best..

"Aku sayang kamu tanpa suatu alasan apapun"

Yap! Never stop believing! 

Someday...We'll find what we're searching for..



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